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  1. susanlawrence
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    amazing how I found you- as I have read a little about amazing technology.
    I am thinking about a real problem to solve.
    You have a small house- and need an extra room as an elder is sick or a child is to be born.
    How can this technology form a 12x12 snap set building- something as light as styofoam- and as solid as a brick.
    snap together- and can solar panels be built?
    I know there is someone that can think and design this- housing is over priced.
    and we also need a form to be able to put under the ground as more bad tornadoes come out way.
    pre- fab shelter.
    so many ideas for helping people- cute and fun is great- this larger picture is amazing.
    when you can dream it- and see it- and get investors to help!
  2. UniverseBecoming
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    It's currently being developed as we speak in numerous ways. Do a search for "3D printed house" to get an idea of what's going on. I'd give a link to some research and development, but there is an explosion of things happening in this area so it's best to see for yourself.

    Yes, basically anything you can think of can currently be built using 3D printing. That or it is on the very verge of being implemented and will become available in a few years. I'll predict that in 25 years every manufactured item will be 3D printed. There will be no more human labor involved as everything will be built in situ without needing any kind of assembly. Including houses and even skyscrapers! Manufacturing will become so economical that if something breaks you'll just recycle the materials and get a new one rather than having it fixed.

    Also, you'll make most of your own items by simply shopping for them online and then downloading them and printing them out on your own desktop 3D printer. EVEN FOOD! Whole foods will still be available the old fashion way and prepared by conventional means, what I mean is anything like what you'd get from a restaurant or processed foods will be made in a 3D printer on your kitchen counter. Only the big things like planes trains and automobiles would be built away from where you live and then delivered to you.

    Shapeways, 25 years from now, won't make small things for everyone anymore, they'll make big things, like cars and houses and stuff like that. Another weird thing is, companies like Shapeways will even print out any new body parts that you need too! HAHAHA!! :laughing:

    It's going to be such an amazing future!

  3. susanlawrence
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    I am excited about this-and as a jewelry designer- I am curious about pricing- and how some one could claim the co- design.
    I can show photos and I like the way organic necklaces can feel made to the user's shape!
    I already see sites that use your upload photo to custom make clothing.
    where is ability to get together with someone to take ideas to help make products to help the elderly?
    Think this way- as you age- add weights to every joint, add pain, and what is lacking in the market are real easy to move mobility aids.
    Could a hearing be made cheaply?
    Could a ramp be made cheaply?
    How about plastic steps for elderly big dogs?
    I used to be a marketing brander- and now retired due to illness.
    I think of needed products all the time-to aid people that do not look sick- but are.
    what type of pricing is out here?
    I would want to ask- is software needed- or a photo that the company can convert?
    let us start with something simple- and I am so interested in pricing as I am not with much money! :eek:
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    If you can draw it, then it can be made. If it cannot be made by 3D printing then it can surely be made by conventional means. If you're looking for help to make your drawings into real life objects then post a note here.

    Just about anything that is built these days is first drawn out in 3D software. A really simple one to learn is Trimble SketchUp, formally known as Google Sketchup, Trimble just bought it recently. And it's free! There is a paid version, but only professionals use the paid version, cuz it has a few options that professionals need. Once installed on your computer go here and start learning it. Also, there are HUGE repositories where you can get 3D models FOR FREE! :D Like the Trimble Warehouse.

    As for strictly 3D printing, you'll want to stick to small items for now, since the technology isn't prominent enough to allow for cheaply printing large items. Small items though can be very economically made for most materials.
  5. susanlawrence
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    what i would do? :eek: is get the iron crates that ships import / as from from the longshoremen- and bury in ground- also if you visit www. .com amazing ideas will be there for you.Bamboo- to all sorts of natural things to protect you from elements.
    Then- explore the use of pallets for storage propped along the walls- and to use for bed platforms and free re- claimed wood.FREE
    I too live in a small house.
    sadly for us, we do not have the way to get these iron crates here- I do not have contacts but this is happening right now! AND the great thing is how drivers are bidding for your business!.
    I would use the 3-D technology to make items to use inside the abode! Think about the kitchen area- possible shelving? or counter tops?
    In Denmark they use these in levels for real housing- imagine solar panels- can the 3-d help with that?
    So much is out in the USA for free- and use the amazing 3-D tech for all sorts of things from locks in metal- or email me witha problem and i will def offer ideas.
    My whole career is known as the idea person,.
    good luck!