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  1. knisley
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    I'm a bit confused as to the scale of the objects allowed by the 3D printer. The page "Converting with Accutrans 3D" states:
    Before doing anything else, check if your model fits in a bounding box of 10x10x10 cm

    ...but the page "Things to Keep in Mind" states:
    Maximum size: 35x40x40cm (h x w x d)

    Which is correct? Thanks for any info...I look forward to using your service.

  2. robert
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    Hi Knisley,

    The bounding box is based on the maximum size our printers can print. These printers are selected by the material you want to use to print your object.

    At this time we have two materials. The boudings boxes are:

    White (Strong) = 40x35x40 cm
    Transparant (Highres) = 49x39x20 cm

    I updated the Accutrans 3D tutorial with the correct sizing.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Best regards, Robert
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