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    Good Evening All,
    I just got back my first print of my own design and was quite happy with the quality. I had no issues uploading process went quite smoothly. There was one caveat, the model came back cleanly sliced into 2 sections. The dimensions of the model were 7 x7 x16cm in WSF. It wasn't polished or dyed. I believe that those dimensions should fit withing the bounding box on any axis as the dimensions I was making sure I was within were 66x35x55cm. Also when I went back to My Models it was listed as unprintable in WSF so I cannot print a second one for further testing. I've attached the model in question to this message if somebody would take a look and tell me what I'm missing. Thanks for your time, have an outstanding day.

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    I don't see any issues with the model - there were a few holes that were easy fixed with NetFabb (Shapeways Mesh Medic does the same when you upload a model). Your best bet is to contact Shapeways Customer Services ( and see how they can help recolve the issue - be sure to attach images of the print whne you contact CS.


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    Thanks for the Reply Stop4Stuff,
    I'll do that right now.