Confirmation page not closable?

Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Hieron, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hieron
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    I ordered a part, went to Paypal and all went fine so I arrive at the confirmation page. On this page is an invoice link, some address info and an overview of the price. Pretty good so far.

    But the address lines are open for change, even though the Invoice .pdf is already in the link and done. And even if you'd change anything, there is no confirm, enter or close option on the page. Only thing to do is to close page entirely or click to another part of the site.

    It may not be important, payment and delivery wise, but it is confusing. I guess the editable address can go and there should be a big "yay! thx! Close screen now" button or so, making it obvious everything is settled.

    Or I missed it even after 5 minutes looking for it :)
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  2. robert
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I sent it over to Development to fix this.