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  1. Jimmy_long
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    We're looking for someone to take our basic drawing to a printed prototype working model.

    We need someone to work out the minor mechanical details for the project, offer guidance, unsolicited advice and provide follow-on support and updates if/when needed. We would like to receive a working prototype model printed in hard plastic or similar high strength non-metal material and provide the CAD project file saved in an industry standard format to us, as-well.

    Basically our project consists of two sets of modified pinion and bevel gears with a pulley type mechanism linking the gears together. We will provide a detailed drawing with dimensions of parts.

    The complete project – at this point- is less than a cube square foot in size. We are looking for ballpark time frame and cost. Once we provide the documented project, we would desire a more detailed cost estimate.
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    That's going to be expensive... 300&H=300&T=0
    If you made the model hollow, you could drop that to $500 or so.

    The other problem is that you say "working prototype".. many of the materials at Shapeways would be good for demonstrating what the parts look like, and even could rotate and interact with the other parts, and the materials here could be used as molds for other media, but... almost none of the materials here at Shapeways are really good against high stresses. Do you want this to be just a proof-of-concept, or do you need the gears to withstand some actual torque?
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    Hi there!

    I'm very capable of doing the job. I've done a lot of 3D-modelling and printing. Moreover, I have a master's degree in Industrial Design, which is especially relevant for your design!
    I've enclosed an example sheet of my work.
    If you're looking for good work for a fair price: that's me!

    Kind regards,

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    Hi, Are you interested in this project?
    if so, do you have a valid e-mail address?