Completely Broken 3d Tools Renders

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by dadrummond, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. dadrummond
    dadrummond Member
    Here's a passing-all-tests model that renders as a complete disaster -- and this is after a refresh.

  2. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    I've had that happen, too. I deleted the file and reloaded; it worked the second time.
  3. This happens to me frequently!! At least I'm not the only one. :p I have tried deleting the file and reloading with no success. I would love to know why this happens, it's so irritating!
  4. LoveAndShapes
    LoveAndShapes Well-Known Member
    I think the problem is on the server side being too slow, its not the model being corrupted; just the time it can take to fully render. My experience is sitting it out will eventually show your complete model.

    Regards, Robert
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