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    Yesterday I coughed while drinking cocoa at my desk. You know what that means!

    I pulled all the keys from my Microsoft Natural 4000 keyboard and washed them, and also took the occasion to clean out accumulated crumbs, hairs and general dust. Once the keys were dry, I put them back ... and found that the agents of chaos (contributors of some of the aforementioned hairs) had hidden the 'W' and 'Del' keys.

    Since it's only $50 to replace the whole keyboard, I don't suppose it would be worthwhile to design replacements for those specific keys; but I'll bet you could make a small key that would fit most of the 'slots' on the board. I can't be the only one who'd use them!
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    PM sent
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    (PM not helpful.)

    All my keys eventually turned up, so this is now a suggestion rather than a request!

    I tried replacing vital keys with some that I never use (PrtScn/SysRq, ScrLk) but, curiously, they didn't move properly.