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    Shapeways Community Guidelines

    The following guidelines apply to the entire Shapeways website domain, as well as other Shapeways community spaces, such as our Facebook group and other social media discussion spaces.

    1. Help One Another
    We are a community of creators enabled by the use of new technologies. We are all learning together.

    We ask that you come with a positive attitude ready to help others. Love the noobs.

    2. Be Respectful
    All people on our platform should be treated respectfully, including Shapeways employees.

    Spamming, bullying, harassment, exploitation, and acts of hate are not permitted anywhere in the Shapeways community, and we may deactivate your account if you engage in this behavior.

    Shapeways reserves the right to remove any content from our platform and social spaces at our discretion.

    3. If you run into trouble, use the appropriate channels

    If you are disappointed with a purchase, let our Service department resolve this for you. Contact with questions so they can resolve any issues.

    If you feel that someone is acting disrespectfully in our community spaces, you can let the Shapeways team know by contacting

    If you feel that your Intellectual Property rights have been infringed, please visit our Content Policy Guide to learn more about these rights, and how to submit a takedown request.
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