Come Fly with me - Test Flight of X Bracket in sheer at Fort Funston, SF CA

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    First test flight of an X Bracket equipped Ramair 154 hang glider - I'm the pilot. Just thought others might enjoy seeing what it's like to soar with the birds. Used an iPhone5 in a case made with a safety screw & lanyard, mounted in the X Bracket, on Ball Swivel, and the Hang glider mount velcro'ed to the right downtube of my glider. All parts 3D printed.
    Really nice to be able to SEE what I'm shooting on the phone display - one of the things I never liked about GoPros. I did a little playing with position, but nowhere near what can be done. Switching cameras (front/back), different lenses. Tried running in autofocus mode - causes some shimmying in some of the shots. Next time Ill lock the AF before I launch. Used about 1/2 the battery in the hour flight - Im going to need our chargers for anything over a 2 hour flight.
    A bit of a turbulent flight except for the highest altitudes reached (about 1400') when it smoothed out in the sheer. But as always, beautiful. Suspended in space, the world beneath me...views of San Francisco, Daly City, Point Reyes, east to Mount Diablo (about 60 miles away). Sutro Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, a bit of the downtown SF skyline.

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