Combining multiple models (parts) in NetFabb?

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by Nane, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Nane
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    I was using Bryce 3d to combine multiple models into 1 file for print before. I was wondering if NetFabb Basic is capable of doing the same?

    I open 1 of my models as a .stl in NetFabb, then I add another model by its side. I select both models then go to Part/Export Part, then export them as a binary .stl. However when I open the saved file, it just has one model in it. It does not export both models. I have also tried exporting as ascii .stl but received the same results with a much larger file size.

    Is NetFabb capable of grouping models or do I still need to use Bryce 3d as a in-between measure to group multiple models for print before I fix/finalize them in NetFabb?

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  3. Nane
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    That's a bummer. Well I base my miniatures in Bryce 3d as well so grouping them in Bryce isn't the end of the world. Would have been a little nicer/easier but oh well. Good to know, thanks.