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    Everytime an order slips through the system because of thin walls I get a email with a voucher in it, but they're seperate vouchers. All orders that exceed one cancel should be combined into one voucher. If they arent it leads into problems with over paying for something you've already paid for since the voucher doesnt cover the full item and then you're stuck on waiting on support again.

    There needs to be a better voucher system.

    I had a model cancelled for starters that was around 70 dollars and got a voucher for it, then ordered something for less that also was not printable, and got a second voucher.

    The second voucher was 30 dollars, half the price of the first one because of two separate orders but now I lost 40 dollars on the first voucher because of poor planning and the first voucher is to what it seems good only after one use. So if you don't spend the first amount on the first voucher you lose your money.

    It would be more logical to do refunds back into paypal account itself and totally obliterate the voucher system so people don't end up losing money for a service that they paid for. It'd be easier, and put back into their paypal account and not have to worry about vouchers working and losing money on cancelled orders and vouchers when they can just re transfer the paypal money on another order.

    I started out with 70 and now end up with nearly half.. and not had an order go through successfully yet with either one of those vouchers.

    Example of what happened:

    Order 1 - Print, payment $70
    Order 1 Cancelled, Voucher #1 for $70

    Order 2 - Mini Print, $30
    Used Voucher #1, no extra payment required
    -Voucher #1 leftover should now have $40

    Order 2 Mini Print Cancelled, $30
    New Voucher for Order #2 because of cancellation - $30
    Voucher #2 For 30 dollars works
    -Voucher #1 - No longer works, lost out on 40 dollars.

    I need some help.
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    Hi Akeno,

    we will contact you via email.