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  1. stop4stuff
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    I've been trying my hand at vrml UV mapping and something went wrong. In Wings3D, everything looks good


    But on upload, Wheel & Tyre vrml test upload and in Accutrans the mapping has gone awry.


    For the mapping, I used a combination of wrapping, for the tyre tread and projection for the wheel and tyre wall parts. There's 5 parts in all that get their mapping from one jpg file... Wings maps it all just fine.

    Is there something I've missed or done wrong here... I'm starting to think I would need to make the mapping projection or wrapping but not a combination.

    I'd be grateful for any clues to get me on the right track.

  2. dizingof
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    Tell me about it ... i've also encountered this issue with my latest experiments of full color sandstone models ..

    I also found out that wrl is parsed differently by many popular and commercial 3D software - cant tell why.

    The workaround i finally found is by selecting each texture/material in my case in Sketchup , under the paint bucket menu --> In model .
    Then right-click on a texture and click on select - this will show you on the model what parts contain that specific texture.
    Export that selection as part1.obj then do the same for the next texture as part2.obj etc...

    Now load each OBJ part using Meshlab , one after another (open as a new layer) then flatten all layers and save as one .wrl file

    That did the trick for me - as you can see on the links above all textures are in place.

    If you can't do the same with your 3D software, the easy way is to export your model to OBJ file or COLLADA , import it to Sketchup then follow this workaround.

    If you have Sketchup Pro the file formats you can also import/export are .wrl, 3ds etc..

    BTW, obj files seems to work good all the time when loading them to different 3D software , perhaps shapeways should enable OBJ uploads for color models - maby this could help avoid this "channels" headache.

    Hope this helps.

  3. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Thank you for the tips Dizingof.

    I've been looking at the VRML 2.0 standards and the .wrl file code for my wheel & tyre... the coding is very much different to the standard. A vrml object can have both wrapped and projected maps in one file and the maps can come from a single or multiple image files. Within the .wrl file, the object should be split to child objects for each map... in my case this isn't happening, which leads me to believe either Wings3D doesn't output the right code or (most probably) I've missed a step or two along the way.


  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Fixed it :)

    The fault seems most definately Wings3D doesn't export the VRML UV information properly... I figured this after about 4 hours of tinkering and tutorial/support/forum searching.

    The solution turns out to be quite simple.
    Export from Wings3D as an OBJ file.
    Load OBJ file into Accutrans.
    Save as VRML from Accutrans.
    Job done!

    And thanks to Dizingof for the clues as to using OBJ files [​IMG]

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