Colored Resin in Stainless

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by designerica, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. designerica
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    Seems to work pretty well. The biggest problems I confronted were due to my inexperience with resin. The resin sticks to the steel with no problem and thicker resin fills small holes to create a potentially stained-glass effect as on the far left (though I used opaque colors here- translucent resin on butterfly wings will be next).

    four rings.jpg
  2. designerica
    designerica New Member
    a better photo of the band

  3. Ray716
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    Ohhh those are nice! I really like the orbit ring.
  4. Batjeepster
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    What about air bubbles? are you having any trouble with that??/ If not what type of resin are you using?
  5. designerica
    designerica New Member
    colores epoxy resin. to minimize bubbles i use a thin resin and run it over with a heat gun after it's poured to raise any bubbles that have formed. you just have to keep the heat gun far enough away that it doesn't make waves in the resin. it's not such a problem if you don't embed anything in the resin.
  6. lensman
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    Really nice. I've been waiting for a clear resin to be shipped to me forever... Going to use it to embed items.

  7. designerica
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    epoxy resin-filled stainless blanks that i finished by sanding with a wolf belt sander (the belt is 1" wide and powered by a flex shaft with a foot pedal). had to keep everything wet so the resin wouldn't melt. blew through the regular belts but i did get good results from them, just not for too long. i used a number of different grits to get a nice smooth finish. next run will be with better belts.

    originally i was going to spray them to get a gloss coat but i decided i like the matte finish better.

  8. designerica
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    there's more images of other rings with the same treatment on my designerica facebook page. its too hard to upload them here one at a time.