Colored Models And Incompatibility When Uploaded

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  1. zrowngctr
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    I've been testing Shapeway's ability to work with colored models and while some tests have been successful, my latest ones have not:
    SWColorTest01 failed to upload due to file incompatibility.
    PaddlesModularSpear01 uploaded without the colors.

    I save the files in WRL format.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue so my files will upload with the colors intact?
  2. barkingdigger
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    I assume you've read the tutorial on the Sandstone and full-colour polyjet pages? (Since these are the only two materials able to print in colour at the moment...). You need to have the WRL geometry model and texture image files in one zip to upload - simply setting colours for the different CAD layers does not do the job. If in doubt, reach out to the Shapeways team for advice!
  3. zrowngctr
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    Actually, for the first few uploads, it worked perfectly fine with the color settings, here's an example of one product I prepared, but have not made available for sale:

    Given that this is much simpler then adding an additional texture map, I had hoped all I would have to do for my multicolor prints was repeat this process with different colors.

    I am uncertain why the next few failed when the others were accepted.
    Could it be that more the one color in the file cannot be interpreted properly?

    Figured it out eventually:
    To preserve the colors, use Standard, I was using NetGen and didn't realise I should have switched the setting for a colored print.
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  4. barkingdigger
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    Glad you figured it out!