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  1. WorkshopAlex
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    I noticed one thing on this site: all models are nice and white. So I assume the printer isn't a color 3D printer? :D
    Well, okay... That would mean that I'd have to paint a model myself. Any advise about the best paints to use for the material of the model?
  2. Whystler
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    I had some really awesome results with RIT fabric dye. It comes in all colours. A word to the wise ... do a few tests on some small cheap pieces.

    I used a quarter packet mixed in 2 cups of kettle boiled water. The best results came from a 1/4 packet of dye mixed in 2 cups of hot water (from the kettle), and I dunked the small items in for 5-10 seconds only. Any more than that and the purple I used showed up almost black.

    Do your own tests, and I think you will like the dye method. It soaks in, so it wont chip off like paint.

  3. bvicarious
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    For painting, I've found that plastikote spray primer adheres well, as does krylon crystal clear and krylon fusion and regular spraypaints. For transparent detail at least, I had to do many coats of krylon before the surface texture was covered and it became smooth, so I recommend priming first.

    Whystler, which materials did you try dying, strong/white/flexible? Any idea how the detail materials handle it?

  4. Whystler
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    Hey Bvicarious,

    I died cream robust, white detail, transparent detail, and SWF.

    The SWF took the dye most deeply, and the cream robust took it most lightly.

    I used purple RIT dye.

    On the first try, I actually boiled the dye bath on the stove and kept it boiling while dunking the pieces for 2 minutes. The result was:

    -cream robust nice purple
    -white detail black
    -transparent detail black
    -SWF black

    I tried various other tests, until my final try, which used only hot water from a kettle. I did not keep this dye boiling on the stove. It sat in a plastic cup on the counter and had hot water in it only. In this final test, I dunked the items for 5 seconds only! And this was the result:

    -transparent detail nice dark purple
    -white detail nice dark purple
    -SWF nice purple

    I assume the results will vary depending on the colour and size.. for example, I used very small test models, and a baby blue will probably have slightly different results :)

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