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    I've been trying to get this model printed in color but everything I've tried has failed so far. I even asked shapeways support and they said that I should ask all you clever people on the forums.
    So here is what I've tried:
    1. Exported model from zbrush with textures in PNG format as VRML. This gives this error: The design could not be validated.
    2. Exported model from zbrush without textures, only vertex colours, as VRML. This gives this error: The design could not be validated.
    3. Exported model from zbrush as STL. This gives: Upload succesful and the model is printable.
    4. I also tried exporting the same model as VRML from 3ds max and that gave me: The design could not be validated.

    So the STL works which makes me assume that the geometry is okay, but the VRML format doesn't work for some reason.

    Any ideas why this might not be working?


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  2. stonysmith
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    Meshlab is reporting that the areas in red are non-manifold. That generally means that they overlap in some odd way, or there are holes at this position.

    I would see if you could fix these areas and then re-try your upload.
  3. willtheloon
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    Thanks for the help stonysmith. I'll fix those areas and give it another try.