color polygonal objects for RP color math models (favor or paid)

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  1. universaljointNU
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    hi all.
    i used to have access to magics and sadly no longer do and i am having a hard time with getting my objects COLORED.
    i am hoping i can upload some very straightforward models (prisms and spheres) so that someone in the community can color them for me and then i can /insert/ them into the model that needs these objects and simply export as VRML 2.0.
    i have rhino and and i have been reading up on blender and i have been thinking about downloading a demo of 3DS but at this point i would just really like to upload the models.
    the models are literally as simple as the attached polyhedron.
    this will likely lead to more fee based work that i will need.

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  2. denali3ddesign
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    Hi jon,

    I can help - will you PM me the STL(s) and instructions on how they should be colored? ...or email to marcus(at)denali3ddesign(dot)com