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  1. rawkstar320
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    Hey everyone,
    I was trying to do some experimenting with the color printers...but I just cant seem to get this VRML file mapping stuff down.

    Ive been following this tutorial: chup_and_meshlab

    But a the end, I get confused and I cant figure out how he is naming the file to point to the image you want to use.

    Any help would be awesome!

    (Ive attached a zip of the VRML and the JPG image I was playing with)

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  2. Magic
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    Hi Rawkstar320

    If you open the wrl file in a text editor you will see that the last line is :
            texture ImageTexture { url "/inserttest.jpg  " }
    Change it into:
            texture ImageTexture { url "inserttest.jpg" }
    (no initial slash, no ending spaces)
    and it should work.
    I also recommend renaming the jpg file with all lowercase letters (as written in the wrl file).


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  3. rawkstar320
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    awesome! Thanks!