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    as long as I understand the solution to print in multi color at Shapeways is to print using the "multicolor Sandstone Material".

    I think there are a couple of Desktop 3d printers that can print in a couple or even 3 colors . Using Replicator 2 X , I think the user can assign a different filament color to a couple of injector. Then inside the Makeware software ( which comes with the printer) the user can assign the filament to specific part of the model as he wish. The result is a multi color plastic model ( 2 or 3 colors)

    Is there a way to have the same result here at Shapeways? Do you have a printer like Replicator 2X or CubeX ? Is it planned for the future to have a multicolor plastic material option?

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    There are no plans to add an extruded filament printer that I am aware of. We had one several years ago, but the quality just doesn't meet up to what we want to offer. Now there are a couple new Full Color technologies coming out this year. So the possibility is there for new materials with different properties.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. Can't wait to see the new technology in action.