Collecting Feedback On New Interface Design

Discussion in 'Shapeways Beta Testers' started by nickd0, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. javelin98
    javelin98 Well-Known Member
    That's a step in the right direction! The first of many, I hope. Thank you for listening to our concerns!
  2. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    To be correct the pricing script was done by siquod and I really can't understand why it's still not incorporated in SW product page.
    I also have a long list what needs to be improved therefor I spent tons of hours in a mymodel page with better search functionality and other things to make shop handling doable.

    I have to agree to most of the guys before the old page was in my mind the one with the least needs for improvement.

    The new page has some major drawbacks:
    - need to wait now till the checks are ready to start the product. Before I was able to start working on the product. Now I need to sit 10-15 minutes waiting ....
    - as mentioned before you need to click on each material to see the problems (seems to be solved now)
    - on the old page you were able to see the success rate per material
    - versions are missing
    - I had the troubles that an old version was displayed, which caused me too do several uploads because I thought I made an failure by uploading the wrong file.
    - loading of the side is pretty slow (whole responsiveness becomes weaker with each change)
    - for the link to the product you need to show more details
    - most of the models have one product, why not placing that directly in the link button to the product
    - one old failure is solved with this: you can now rename a model which was accidentally set to ""

  3. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Sorry about the misattribution, so it was actually a mixup of two fairly significant customer contributions in areas where the site design is seriously lacking. I have been here long enough to remember how the first (?) major revamp was introduced with an old photograph of some guys standing next to a megalith in some ancient temple wall. The idea was that the thing needed to be (re)moved for some greater good, and it still looks to me as if parts of that building are still propped up with beams, assorted chopsticks and knitting needles.
    TOM_TOM_TOM Well-Known Member
    How do I set the print orientation / direction now with the new interface?
    I assume if I try to go back to the old interface by deselecting myself as a beta tester, that the print orientation feature would probably also be unavailable since it is itself a beta feature?
  5. bluelinegecko
    bluelinegecko Well-Known Member
    This is a perfect example of where Shapeways wastes way too much of their time and effort trying to make everything look "pretty" while killing off features some users find necessary like the Co-creator functionality and failing to address important issues like what is listed in Mkroeker's post.

    Even if this new interface is tweaked and ends up eventually being slightly better than the old one, the constant relearning of a new interface every time Shapeways wants to "redecorate" really ticks off some users. We don't want to have to go searching when some of the old information has disappeared completely or moved to a new menu. Like most others have said. I don't see the need for the change.

    I remember back when Shapeways' focus seemed to be on adding more features, materials, options, rather than this focus on appearance. As with most people have already stated this offers almost no new benefit and was a waste of effort. Shapeways really needs to consider reassigning or letting go whoever keeps making the decision on where to focus their efforts.
  6. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    After you click on the material, the 3D print orientation button is at the top of the menu.
  7. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    So, tweaks are coming. I've seen the tweaks, and many of the concerns are addressed, and there shouldn't be any searching. The need for change is making a page that is easier to understand for a first time user.

    The other part of your message I quoted. As you may know, we've had some changes in our team. From our new CEO, new board members, new community lead, as well as others. The key thing that we want to push, is focus. So this is like our Beta Beta. Start a job, make it valuable, complete it in a set time frame. If, at the end it doesn't do what was intended, get rid of it and move to the next Beta. Before, we had many Betas going at one time, it was easy to lose focus. And to have Betas stuck in Beta limbo for months or even years. I see you've been a member for just over 7 years (just last month, happy anniversary!), so you know the issues that we haven't fully addressed. So rest assured, we're going to finish this Beta in a timely fashion. Then move to the next Beta and repeat.
  8. bluelinegecko
    bluelinegecko Well-Known Member

    That's good to know and thanks for your reply. The only thing I will add that you didn't touch upon, is to make sure that which the team is working on, is actually what Shapeways designers are calling for, and not someone's best guess of what is needed or important. I applause the new effort to narrow and increase your focus, but a push in the wrong direction, no matter how slight or focused, still pushes the boat off course. I said in one of my other posts. Shapeways' entire business model right now is 99.9% dependent on designers/creators. Whether ordering our own designs, and/or offering those designs to the public, we are generating almost 100% of the items being printed at Shapeways' While every user is going to have a different set of priorities and opinions, it really pays to make sure the focus is on what your users are telling you is needed/important rather than someone in the office trying to predict what we need. I've read a lot of your posts over the years. I am confident you understand that. And I am glad there have been some changes too. I just hope you can make sure that point gets across to the new people in the position to make those changes.
  9. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Member
    I'm now using the new interface 100%. Took me a bit to 'get it', but I'm OK with it now. Still think the picture of the part does NOT need to take up 70% of the page. I already know what it looks like in each finish. Not really sure why the change, s the old one was just fine. I can see other areas that need MUCH more attention right now (the SEARCH functionality is horrendous, and my customers tell this every day).
  10. periocus
    periocus Well-Known Member
    The separation in three parts is not very good. The information part is currently hiding 50% of the rendering. It confuses and does not appeal to me. I am tempted to go back to the classic view.
    I think it was better before and much easier to use.
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  11. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Good feedback! Maybe if we add a way to collapse the new file info section?
  12. shrap_x
    shrap_x Active Member
    I like the new viewer but have a few small suggestions.

    I do think the model needs to be able to be viewed without anything blocking it.
    If you could collapse the size and details window, that would help, or add it to the materials window and use tabs.

    I don't like that when I want to select a design to open the sales page, the drop down box is sort of hidden in the window and you can't see it until you scroll down in that window. Might want to make the overall height of that window, collapsible or not, a little taller. Or put the drop down closer to the top.

    Finally, I do all my models in inches. I would really like to have the sizes listed in inches as opposed to cm. I don't see a way to change that.
  13. javelin98
    javelin98 Well-Known Member
    If I may make a couple other suggestions:

    1. From the "My Models" page, it needs to be quick and easy to view a product the way our customers see it.

    SW - My Models 1.JPG
    See how easy it could be?

    2. The backend interface has gotten way too busy. Just on this snippet, there are at least 18 things to click on:
    SW - My Models 2.JPG

    You should really consider a series of discrete and simplified menus, starting with top-level buttons, like such:

    SW - Menu Buttons.png
    All the buttons would remain on the left sidebar while the workspace would open to the right. "Upload/Replace", for example, would include all the current options for uploading/re-uploading a 3D file, including resizing, setting 3D printing orientation, category, version history, product dimensions, volumes, part counts, etc. "Sell Product" would take you to the page where you enter the product title, description, materials for sale, renders/pics, markup, etc.

    So, those are a couple thoughts. The first one could be put in place in minutes, in fact.
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  14. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Member
    The selling section on the bottom of the left pane, many times, you cannot get the edit box to stay up to click on it no matter what you do. I had to go back to traditional mode to get to selling section. When you drop the arrow down, the box expands below the pane, and when you try to scroll down, the dropdown box disappears.
  15. shrap_x
    shrap_x Active Member
    I don't know if it's just me or not: but I am trying to update a model file. I click upload, select my scaling, but nothing is happening. It was working yesterday.

    Also, can you simplify being able to get the three views, similar to what javelin98 said? Can I edit the model, edit the product description OR see the page at the single click of a button from any one of the three pages?
  16. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Member
    I have to wait up to a minute for the scaling box to show up as well.. just got used to it (unfortunately)
  17. shrap_x
    shrap_x Active Member
    In my case I enter the scaling right away and nothing happens. The file doesn't get uploaded. It just sits there after the scaling box goes away.

    I am using inches, if that matters.

    I tested it on my phone as well as my PC. Both do the same thing. Something is broken.

    Edit: And apparently, while I was typing this, it finally updated on the 10th try.

    Some sort of feedback that things are happening would be great.
  18. javelin98
    javelin98 Well-Known Member
    This is a symptom of a problem we faced when I was doing web development as a grad student. They would give us these glorious 27" monitors, forgetting that our customers were using 15" laptops. Since smaller monitors and laptops use full versions of their browsers, not mobile versions, they would be stuck viewing the "full site" pages that were waaaaay to big for their screens. I suspect something similar might be happening here. The SW dev team should have a PC, a Mac, a tablet, and a couple different sizes of monitors or laptops set up to test the production pages on.