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Discussion in 'Shapeways Beta Testers' started by nickd0, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. nickd0
    nickd0 Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Hi everyone,

    We have good news! Shapeways is making improvements to how you view your models and select materials.

    All of our Beta Users are able to see a sneak peak of these upcoming changes (directions to join program here). If you are in our Beta User program, we would love your feedback!

    To see these new updates, please sign in to Shapeways and view one of your models (or upload a new one).

    You will be able to see these new features:
    • New interface
    • Quicker way to see printability issues
    • Live preview of your model in selected material
    We are collecting feedback here in this forum thread. Can you please let us know: is this experience easier? Does it have everything you need?

    Thank you for helping us make Shapeways better! We will be accepting feedback until March 9.


    Nick D
    Shapeways Product Manager

    Need help with something else?
    Please feel free to contact
  2. Frozenrain
    Frozenrain Well-Known Member
    Wow,this is pretty cool. But when I click the printability issues.It turn back to the old version.This makes me feel same old again.
  3. Frozenrain
    Frozenrain Well-Known Member
    Oh,and please set higher resolution on live preview.
  4. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    1a) When I pick the FUD, material, the preview looks terribly bumpy.. not nearly as smooth as FUD actually is.
    1b) Upon further review.. get rid of the bumps on all materials.
    1c) Some sense of scale for the items would be helpful.. how about adding axis rulers?
    2) Why two scrollbars?
    3) The "Show More" and "Show Less" button should have an outline, indicating that it IS a button.
    4) In fact, I'd prefer that the Analysis just be open all the time.... make the Materials window smaller.
    5) Why not have "Show More" on the list of materials? And/or a filter for only specific materials?
    6) Is it possible to move the name of the model (and possibly the Model#) up to the top banner?
    7) Is the list of materials going to show when a model has some issue? Often, my models are fine in one material, but have a problem in some other material. I'd need to see which ones pass/fail.
    8) Put a box around "Qty:1" .. it looks like it's offset to the left and would look better if it lined up with the text above.
  5. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Well-Known Member
    I have to go into each material to check to see if it has issues or not? When I did go into one and clicked on Wall Thickness, it did not allow me to make fixes. Is this going to be the new process? I have to go back to my software and fix the thin walls myself?
  6. aliciafelber
    aliciafelber Well-Known Member
    very nice... but how do i go back to the old one...?
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  7. Hi Alicia! You can turn this off by removing yourself from the beta program on your profile settings.
  8. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    1) I don't see a way to navigate back to the product if you began your model examination trek in the product. The little back arrow brings you back to the my models list and that appears to be the only exit option.

    Ah, just found the navigation path back to the product. It was hidden under that "show details" menu button which seems a bit clunky. I'd pop that up somewhere near the top of the primary menu.

    2) I changed the model name at the top of the model edit page but I can't seem to change it back again. (Changed the first letter from A to Z and now it appears to be stuck.)

    3) Long titles still don't wrap around properly to a new line. In order to see the full title you need to use the slider. There's no option to increase the size of the model details window to the right to see a complete longer title.

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  9. WCTS
    WCTS Member
    I seem to get stuck in the endless loop of "3d print analysis" and don't ever get a green check mark saying the material is compatible with the model. Looking forward to flipping the switch and going back to the old one!
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  10. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Well-Known Member
    Once again, having to get out of the beta program to actually get anything uploaded. That wasn't much fun. The 'great' upgrade is VERY buggy and should not even be available to test yet.
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  11. PenistoneRailwayWorks
    PenistoneRailwayWorks Well-Known Member
    Okay in one word it's...... horrific. How did anyone think this rubbish was an improvement on the existing interface? It's horribly slow and really do we need such a large view of the model. We know what it looks like as we've looked at it well in our modelling app. What we really need is the material information displayed in a sensible and readable fashion, not crammed into a tiny column. Plus although I usually see prices in £ it keeps showing $ instead (which is useless to me). Also it no longer gives the breakdown of the price (per part, handling, material, machine space etc.). The material renders look nothing like the actual materials. I seem to have a continuous spinning analysis so I've no idea if there are problems with any of the materials I'm interested in.

    In summary, you should fire whoever thought this was an improvement and revert to the previous version as soon as possible, and yes I'm being 100% serious!
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  12. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Well-Known Member
    Horrific. great way to describe this 'great' update.
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  13. periocus
    periocus Well-Known Member
    Everything new is a bit strange at first. After i came to terms with i think it is Ok. Wasn't really sure why a live and instant render for each material is needed, but i guess it is nice for Jewellery Designer.
    Missing the printing success in a way. Not really sure if it is still there somewhere.
    I think it is important to see if a design works or not. Especially for miniature designs.
    Not really sure how i get back from the 3D tool to the design at the moment, except hitting the back button in the browser.
  14. CybranKNight
    CybranKNight Well-Known Member
    Not keen on this, it seems entirely redundant. Having to process the 3D render at this stage is entirely superfluous in mind my, we just spend how many hours working on it in our assorted 3D Apps and it simply gets in our way to show it again when what we're really interested in at this stage is seeing the prices and price breakdowns, along with the success rate if applicable in order to either easily order prints for ourselves or to compare prices between materials and easily set orientations and check for any particular issues.

    We don't need something so "modern", the whole point to this page was to quickly and easily digest the information it provided thus allowing us to move on to more detail specific steps of setting up a product.
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  15. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    It does seem a bit less efficient than the old format to get important information quickly. Is this being done to work better with mobile platforms?
  16. Greaseball
    Greaseball Well-Known Member
    File history?
  17. acd111
    acd111 Shapeways Employee Design Team
    Hey @Greaseball. Can you tell me more about how you use file history in your process?
  18. zubliminal
    zubliminal Member
    It's terrible because it's not obvious how to list a product. Who cares if it's "pretty", it has to be a pleasure to use, and right now it's just making me upset. HOW DO I GET MY ITEM LISTED IN MY SHOP????????

    I checked off the radio buttons, but they are not in the store?

    Oh did i forget something? then list it in the page where I have my model, include a link.

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  19. barkingdigger
    barkingdigger Well-Known Member
    Not sure if it's the new interface, Zubliminal - I uploaded some models today with the old interface and they took quite a few long minutes to appear in my shop. I guess the servers are just very busy.
  20. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Not sure if that part of the interface was changed as well (from the enthusiastic reports above I see no reason to try it out, from the announcement it probably wasn't). What has tripped up a few people in the past is that you have to make sure that the materials that you picked for the customer to choose from are actually marked as visible: There is a checkmarked eye symbol in the rightmost column of the materials&markup table at the bottom of the page, make sure it is not greyed out.
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