Collar Wings Pendant

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by GADesign, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. GADesign
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    My latest design the Collar Wings Pendant, i really love it and can't wait to order it along with some other new jewelry pieces that you can find in my shop.

    Shpws Render.jpg

    [ go to the shop ]

    I think all fashionistas @shapeways are goanna love this :D
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  2. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Does a chain attach at either end? It's a statement piece for sure!
  3. GADesign
    GADesign New Member
    Thnx @natalia

    Yep the same as you can see in the picture of FabGeo pendant No1 that you can find in my shop.

    Yesterday i've ordered it in stainless steel and i'm hoping it will pass :eek: , silver and sf should be 100% printable.

    I'll post some pictures when it arrives !
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  4. FabMeJewelry
    FabMeJewelry New Member
    The pendant has arrived and looks amazing, i'm very happy with it !


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  5. FabMeJewelry
    FabMeJewelry New Member
    Check out this new picture of the fabulous Collar Wings Necklace !

    Product link :

    Collar Wings Necklace 2.jpg

    Work in progress doesn't fit this post anymore :)
  6. FabMeJewelry
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