Cobranded packing slips, gift messages

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Bathsheba, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    I wish for cobranded packing slips for customer orders, featuring a header/logo image and text message from the shop owner.
    (Do packing slips already have the shop banner or logo image on them? Embarrassingly, I buy from my own shop so rarely that I don't know this.)
    Anyway I would like to be able to include a paragraph of text from me about my shop. (While I'm asking for ponies, an additional message specific to each piece would kick butt around the block!)

    Also, I would dearly love a gift-message option accompanying the giftwrap option, to be printed on the packing slip. This, I know from my own shop, is something that customers want very much. It's weird sending a gift item without an accompanying message -- I've actually had gift items returned because the recipient couldn't figure out what it was or who sent it. And it's not that hard to do because you're already generating a different packing slip for gift orders which omits the price...right?

    I'll add this to Feedback when I can log in there.
  2. natalia
    natalia New Member
    Thanks Bathsheba,

    We are working on packaging right now so I will pass this feedback along promptly!