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    printing front end wall.jpg
    This is my most ambitious print job ever. It takes up almost my whole build platform and will take an estimated 20 hours to complete. It is the front end of my coach 64 with windows and door casment as well as bead board and trim.
    I've already had to abort this print job three times. Once the machine stopped printing and I discovered that the ribbon cable to the extruder head had popped off. The next time I discovered the extruder got impacted when the job shut down. The last time, I started the project only to discover that the bed needed leveling. Luckily the last two times I aborted I only lost a total of 3 hours. I started the project early this morning and it seems to be moving along much better than the previous three attempts.
    westinghouse brake cylinder.jpg
    While I wait for the front wall to print, I work on the air brakes. I have another pair of 1:20.32 scale brakes, but this is a 7/8ths scale project so I decided to build a 3D model of the brakes in 7/8ths scale. Not bad for some sketchy dimensions and blurry photos being the only resources I have at my disposal.
    I also printed out all the windows and window casements for the lower part of the coach along with 3 out of 8 siding panels. I'm getting closer to assembly.
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    front of coach 64.jpg
    Well, it took a total of 14 hours to print not including the windows which I already printed. Now, I have to print the rear end.
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    rear end wall.jpg
    After printing out the front end wall, I went back into the model and redesigned both the rear and front end walls. The improvements reduced the print times by four hours. I didn't realize till I owned my own printer just how hard it is to slice and print an model built by combining several shapes instead of a single mesh.
    westing house brake assembly.jpg
    As I waited for the print to finish, I worked on the brakes for the coach. Coach 64 has an interesting brake configuration.
    64s Brake Cylinder.jpg
    As you can see the triple valve is connected right to the brake cylinder instead of the resevoir which requires a mounting plate I could not find in any plans online. I did my best to copy the dimensions then,
    westing house brake meshmixer.jpg
    Then I converted the 6 parts I wanted to print to solid meshes in meshmixer and added the lettering. The lettering didn't slice well so, I doubt it will print, but it is worth a try. I will run it at 20 micron layers with 20 microns being the minimum detail and see if that get's close.
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    revision 1 assembled brake cylinder.jpg
    The lettering printed out just fine (both times). I had to rescale the first print after I discovered
    it was too small for 7/8ths. The image above is of the revised print.
    comparing first revision to original brake.jpg
    Here is an image of both sizes. I switched back to hatbox filament. The monoprice filament had issues with flowing. Of course, after switching reels, there were still tiny bits of the monoprice stuff at the beginning layers, luckily it disappeared by the time the lettering was printed.