Co-creator products are always staying "first to try"?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Dune_Doree, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Dune_Doree
    Dune_Doree Member

    I have noticed that my co-creator rings (customers can choose their size) all have the "first to try"-label.
    Although they are printed before, in several sizes, they are stil "first to try".
    Do I have to create a separate model for each size to solve the problem? Or is there another solution?

    Kind regards
  2. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    First to Try applies separately to each material.
    Items ABOVE the red line that I've added are "Products", Items BELOW the line are FTT.

    Also check the Percentages on the EDIT page next to each material.
    Anything that is 80% or less will be FTT, any above 80% should be a "Product".
  3. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    If you check his shop, you will see that the personalizable (is that a word?) rings - I think there are only two, heart and rose - have all their materials under the "first to try" heading. So it could indeed be that the printing history of this kind of variable model is not tracked correctly.
    (Also the distinction between the "Product" and "First to try" materials in the selection box still could be confusing to a new customer. Perhaps it needs a different word in place of Product, or an explanation tag there too ? And/or the red line that you drew for clarity - though it could be shapeways blue rather than red)
  4. AmLachDesigns
    AmLachDesigns Well-Known Member
    I don't know, but I imagine any prints from a co-creator are effectively new Models for SW's purpose - so no data from them would be attributable to the 'based-on' Model.

    And with all the discussions about FTT and minor updates to models, this surely comes under the same heading: how different is a different Model? In the case of text, for example, is the font always the same, the number of letters, the spacing, size etc.?

    Edit: Re why there are pictures but still FTT, were the files modified after these successful prints? A test print can be successful but still indicate areas for modification.
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  5. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Even if SW stays in their logic the flow will be:

    Basic version: First To Try
    First Order (when successfully printed): Product
    Every time a new cocreator is ordered and uploaded it will also be printed and delivered: so it will still end up in "Product" after delivery

  6. Dune_Doree
    Dune_Doree Member
    There is no succes rate visible, although the models are not changed after printing. (rose ring have been printed many times without problems!)
    I don't know why the fields manual check and succes rate are blank.
    Maybe because they are not printed in every size?

    Thanks for your help.
  7. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Could be that "cocreator" is a bad choice for your product if all people can change is the ring size. Maybe "product variants", i.e. a bunch of links to actual static models in the various ring sizes would be more appropriate ? As AmLachDesigns wrote, with "cocreator" your rings get lumped in with models where the customer can add texts or similar almost random geometry changes that make the result truely unique to the point that no meaningful success rate can be computed.
  8. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    If you could supply some specific model #'s it'd be a big help with looking into this.
  9. Dune_Doree
    Dune_Doree Member
    @ mkroeker : I think that this might be the best solution. Before "first to try", co-creator models were an organized way to offer a variety of sizes. Now it's only confusing. So I will upload product variants.

    @ stonysmith : the models are Curved heart ring, model nr 398365 and Rose ring, model nr 462369

    thank you for your help