Cluster!@#$ of Printing Problems

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    Hello Shapeways. Forgive my irritability, but in the face of the overwhelming lack of competence displayed by the Shapeways team today, I think you'll understand.

    I've already sent this to the Support Team via e-mail; I'm posting it here as well to try and ensure it has your undivided attention.

    Some of you may have seen my Zelda songrings; some of you may know I'm also selling on them on Etsy. People order them on Etsy, then I order the ring in the material and size they want from Shapeways. The first major 'wave' of orders arrived today, and FOUR of them were wrong.

    Order #225889

    This was supposed to be 'The Sun's Song (Size 10)' ( in Gold Plated Glossy. Instead, what I received was 'Requiem of Spirit (Size... 6, or 7 maybe?)' ( in Gold Plated Glossy. I know it's not just an order mixup (the wrong ring in the wrong bag), because I have NEVER ORDERED that ring in that material.

    Order #225864

    This was supposed to be 'Song of Time (Size 9)' ( in Antique Bronze Glossy. Instead, what I received was 'Song of Storms' ( in Antique Bronze Glossy.

    Order #225905

    This was supposed to be 'Saria's Song (Size 9)' ( in Antique Bronze Glossy. Instead, what I received was 'Bolero of Fire' ( in Antique Bronze Glossy.

    Order #226038

    This was supposed to be 'Minuet of Forest (Size 10)' ( in Antique Bronze Glossy. Instead, what I received was 'Song of Time (Size unknown, but it's a lot smaller than 10)' ( in Antique Bronze Glossy.

    I can understand the odd mistake. I would find it very easy to forgive them, given the similar nature of these rings. But come on! That's four customers I will now have to contact and inform that their orders will be delayed ANOTHER two to three weeks, when they've been patiently waiting for that long already. One would think that with this many similar orders coming in, Shapeways (or someone) would have actually taken some steps to ensure they don't get confused? I mean, it's not even like I just got the rings in the wrong sizes. One ring is replaced by another, wholly separate ring. Four seconds of double-checking is all it would take to ensure the correct ring is being printed, but nope!

    I find this particularly disturbing because half of these rings weren't ordered by me, EVER. Which means they aren't just mislabelled orders. Either the WRONG STL FILE is being sent to the printer for printing (and seriously, how the hell would that even happen?), or they're being mixed up with orders OTHER people have placed on Shapeways. Which is REALLY, REALLY BAD. This kind of screwup makes me. the designer, look stupid, and makes you look stupid too (trust me, I'm seeing it right now).

    I have another 'wave' of orders arriving tomorrow. I wonder how many of THEM will be wrong?

    I haven't requested a reprint or a refund yet. I'm contacting my customers to see if they want to wait some more, or just want their money back. In either case, thank you Shapeways, for making us both look like dumbasses.
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    Hi Christian,

    I am really sorry this is happening, and I assure you were are working to resolve it. I know Michon from customer service is already working to fix this for you and your customers.

    If she hasn't already reached out to you, I'm sure she will shortly.

    You are right though, when printing a large batch of similar rings - especially the same ring in different sizes, its easy to make a mistake. Four is too many, so we are investigating it to find a more accurate way to sort.

    Thank you for your patience,