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    1) Approximately how long would the average person need to learn basic 3D modeling with the previously mentioned programs?

    Tinkercad has been abandoned by the creators and as of today is no longer available for free. See this article for more information and alternative free 3D modeling software that can be used. Its advantage was that it was easy to learn and use. I'd say that a person could have learned the basics of it in about 20 minutes. The closest thing to Tinkercad is 3Dtin. 3Dtin is also very easy to learn and use and is also web browser based. I'd say one can learn the basics of 3Dtin in 20 minutes. For Blender though, that's different. Blender is a much more robust software and very complicated! It has an user interface that is not like the normal interfaces that you find in normal software and that in its self can lead to confusion. I'd say an average person could learn the basics of Blender in about 5 hours.

    2) What types of businesses use 3D models in their work?

    Just about anything that is manufactured these days is first made in 3D modeling software. So just about all businesses that manufacture things. As a side note, the technical term is called CAD, which is an acronym for Computer Aided Design and another technical term is CAM, which is Computer Aided Manufacturing. The CAD software helps people make their models and the CAM software helps people to tell manufacturing machines how to make their 3D models. Other businesses that use 3D models are businesses that make 3D games and also businesses that make movies use 3D models quite a bit these days.

    3) In your opinion, will 3D printing ever be accessible or necessary for ordinary people?

    Yup! I predict that in 25 years 80% of the products people will buy will be made right in their own homes or offices. And instead of shopping online for a product and then having it shipped to your home or office like we do now, we will instead buy digital files that are the machine instructions for building the products by 3D printing.

    4) What are the most popular programs that people use to make 3D models?

    The most popular of all is a program called AutoCAD. It is used mainly for engineering stuff. Other popular programs for making 3D models is 3Ds Max for making 3D models for games and Maya is most popular for making 3D models for movie stuff.

    5) How do people turn their models into real printed objects? (What programs or companies are frequently used?)

    They just make a 3D model of what they have in mind using any 3D modeling software and make sure it is closed and watertight. They then upload it to a company like Shapeways to have it 3D printed. Shapeways is the grandaddy of all 3D printing companies so people mostly use Shapeways, but there are numerous other 3D printing companies.

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