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  1. bubby9534
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    I will resume my services next summer.

    Hi I'm 12 years old and am a "beginner" 3d modeller. I've never taken any real 3d modelling class - I hope I can soon - so that's why I'd like to model something simple for cheap. I already have a small store (all my original models) which I wish to expand. If anybody is in need of a 3d modeller for something really simple, I'll see if I can help.

    Here is some of my work:

    Signature Scene1.jpg

    My Shop is:

    About me: I'm 12 years old and am a "beginner" 3d modeller. I've never taken any real 3d modelling class - This money might help me do that.
    Expertise: 3d modelling
    Experience: 1 year of teaching myself mostly based off of reference images.
    Portfolio: My Shapeways shop, I guess...
    Oh, and my turbosquid models:
    [url= 534 Rate: $1 - $5 Depending on size of project.
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  2. pacheco8200
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    I would like to make a model of my house for a snowglobe. I tried sketchup for a few hours but dont have the time at the moment and i would like to be able to print this by valentines day. I got the idea from this site,
    it doesnt need to be to detailed because it will only be a few inches in size. I have multiple pictures from the perimeter of my house. I will include one so you can get an idea. Please let me know how much and and by when I could have it?
    I just need this for a one time print. You can keep the design or sell it, whatever.
    Thanks for considering

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  3. bubby9534
    bubby9534 New Member
    I will try. Here is a rough preview. May take a while as I am a normal middleschooler so obviously I must go to school every day. :p

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  4. bubby9534
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    OK if you would like to finish this by valentines day then it needs to be finished by about January 31, so that shouldn't be a concern. Now, did you just want me to model the house or an entire snowglobe? I was planning on modeling the house, placing it on a hill and putting some trees (like in the example). And you probably want it printed in color, right? I believe that it is too small to print in color, I'll check that out. Lastly, I'm gonna need some size specs so I can see if it is even printable. Thank you for considering me for this.
  5. pacheco8200
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    Thanks your response. I actually received a response from someone yesterday who is helping me out.. Thanks again.
  6. bubby9534
    bubby9534 New Member
  7. wingman_100
    wingman_100 New Member
    I'm a math teacher and would like a solid of constant diameter created. I don't know how to create 3-d models, but have made a 2-d model which needs to be revolved around the red dotted line (see attached). The shape is made with an equilateral triangle and then arcs with a radius the same as the side lengths of the triangle. If anyone is willing to prepare this model so I can order several 3-d printings of this, that would be much appreciated. I would like the side lengths of the triangle to be 1 inch wide.

    Constant Width Triangle.JPG
  8. pfeifferstylez
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    Like the attached stl-file ?

    (Please use "millimeters" as unit of measurement during the upload to Shapeways...
    And don't worry about the file name, that's just the title of the song I'm listening at the moment...^^)

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  9. wingman_100
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    Thanks for your work. If you're willing, I have one more (hopefully easy) project. I would like a Reuleaux tetrahedron. This is another shape with constant diameter.

    see this website:

    Thanks ahead of time for your contributions to my classroom!
  10. SGDesigns
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    Hi wingman_100, Try this.
    This is the Reuleaux tetrahedron.


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  11. duann
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    Hey Bubby9534,

    Great initiative..

    Welcome to Shapeways