Clearance And Tolerance

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    I plan to print three separate parts in plated brass, that will be slotted into one another (peg into hole).

    At the moment it is designed with the pegs (1.4mm diameter) having a 0.1mm smaller diameter than the holes (1.5mm). Is that sufficient? Has anyone tried this before?

    Reading the materials guidelines it says "For rings the inner diameter is accurate within +/- 0.1 to 0.15mm." My peg/hole are much smaller than a ring... but I am wondering if I should increase the clearance to 0.2mm or even 0.3mm to be safe anyway.

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    For cast items, remember there is an approximate 5% shrink rate of the part.
    For your parts, I would recommend making the holes undersized and drill to fit.
    Im not sure if youre looking for a tolerance fit, or if some means of adhesive is intended to fit them together in the end. While drilling would certainly remove the plating around the holes, it shouldnt be visible or affect the part very much.