Cleaning Detail of its Gel gunk

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  1. Atropos907
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    I have ordered a couple times from shapeways and am curious about cleaning detail. SWF is just too low resolution/bumpy for my taste but the transparent detail is acceptable. However the problem im finding is cleaning it of the gel.

    Thus far methods tried have been soaking in hot water as this apears to swell some of the material, but it still requires mechanical removal. Water jets from oral irrigators dont seem to do much to clean out the 200um channels. a toothpick or soft plastic seems to work ok but its work intensive and can often damage the plastic.

    So, anyone have any better ideas/methods.
    I find the detail materials to be adequate for 1" starships as long as I can properly clean them, and recommend to customers as to how to clean them. Ive tried IPA 70% but I think it is slowly attacking the photopolymer. I havent risked a soak longer than 10 minutes.

    Help???/ how do you clean out the high details. a method involving a soak and a tooth brush would be ideal but im finding one really has to dig into the 200um channels .

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    One of my customers is having very good luck with an ultrasonic cleaner, warm watter, and a bit of detergent.