Cinderblock Cufflinks

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    As I comb the Earth looking for items that would translate well into cufflinks, I was staring at a wall, hoping for inspiration.

    I found it! In the wall! Whoulda thunk? A cinderblock!

    As I design more and more cufflinks, I find interesting quirks with different materials and what prints in which material. I typically like test printing in Polished Alumide as it is strong enough to test in a real world cufflink situation, has a cool finish, and costs a lot less than Stainless or the other metals. Also, rules for printing are a bit more strict, so if it prints in PA, I'm confident for Stainless.

    But these cinderblocks happen to look INSANE AWESOME in polished alumide! A happy accident, as these were initially a test print, but they look super awesome in this material. I'm looking forward to seeing them in Stainless (any day now) but can't imagine them looking better than this. A great substiture for real concrete.

    Check them out! 04d9d482db?li=

    And for more on me and my designs:
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    Wow they do look EXACTLY like concrete!
    I love this example of designing for the material, awesome!
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