Chute modeler needed

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by jxpx777, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. jxpx777
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    I need a modeler to design a chute, basically just a hollow rectangular prism but with one end shorter so that an object can be inserted:

    * Internal dimensions: 25mm x 5mm
    * Max external width: 32mm
    * Length: 155mm but one of the long and wide faces 130mm so it's shorter than the other four faces.
    * A hole in the longer of the long and wide faces so that the whole apparatus could be pinned to a cork board or similar

    Imagine a straight playground slide but with a lid that's shorter than the slide to make it easier to insert the object. The hole would be under the "missing" piece of the lid so that the pin could be inserted and the back would be against the pinning surface.

    I hope this makes sense...
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