Chrome/ie Wont Show Custommaker Tool

Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by CyberSmithy, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. CyberSmithy
    CyberSmithy Active Member
    Pls help:
    3D models shows up in preview,
    but no CustomMaker tool @ - what to do?

    Support gave answer to this question: "Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear you're unable to use the custom maker tool! Please note, this is a bug that we've been working on that affects a couple of models in our marketplace. My best recommendation would be to reach out to the designer directly for a custom design." and it´s a bit irritating :)
  2. CyberSmithy
    CyberSmithy Active Member
    Up. There is still problem for customers - they cant use Custommaker tool .
    There are some scripting problems, i think.

    When you mess in Firefox with scripts, you can see it, but not in Chrome or IE.
    Most people use Chrome or IE...
  3. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
  4. CyberSmithy
    CyberSmithy Active Member
    Why yo do not pay to some webdevs to remove this problem?
  5. Bathsheba
    Bathsheba Well-Known Member
    Ya I just had another would-be customer complain about this.
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  6. twoshay
    twoshay Well-Known Member
    I finally just took all my customizable stuff offline. Customizing was the #1 reason I looked at selling 3D prints. I’m basically shuttering ‘til it starts working again
  7. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    I left them in my shop for now but added a disclaimer to the shop page that the tool is hosed and likely to not work. Such a shame to not have it functioning reliably. Hopefully someone is working on getting it to work again, or developing a simplified way for designers to generate and sell such customized parts. Even if they only get a tool that works for flat surfaces that would at least be something.
  8. CyberSmithy
    CyberSmithy Active Member
    To who we need to write about this problem?
    We need this fixed.
    Shapeways must fix it.
    Decent companies will outsource problemsolvers, if they cant fix things by themselves.

    Customization possibility (generates Unique Products) is the only advantage to much more cheaper massproduction.
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  9. DavidAmbrose
    DavidAmbrose Active Member
    Sadly this has been broken for a long time... I've removed it from most of my models too and will probably just no longer offer the option.
  10. MadBikeSkills
    MadBikeSkills Well-Known Member
    So are you guys saying you remove the entire product page? Ever since Shapeways broke the customizer tool I can't find a single method of just removing the Customize option.