Child Proof Paint & Other Questions

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by Darcwander, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Darcwander
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    I am doing a print for a friends kid who is still young enough to where they might place it in their mouths and it is something that should be a precaution anyways. The material I am using is WSF

    Some questions I have are what paints are safe? I hear acrylics are safe after they cure but I am not 100%. Also I was wondering about a good method of getting the model smooth and less porous? One more thing. I hear shellac is non toxic and is even used to coat pills. Where can I get non toxic shellac or do you recommend that?

    Any help would be great thanks.
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  2. Designmodeller1
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    I would avoid using coatings on WSF, If I want to color my part I just use Fabric dye. Since the WSF is porous it absorbs the fabric dye colors really well. I'm not sure about using it with kids toys though, I would make sure that it is rinsed really well to get any excess out.

    You also may want to play around with food colorings or possibly easter egg dye kits since it is for kids.

    I have also used Tea bags and wine ( not nearly as nice colors as the dye)

    Just experiment and have fun!

    You should also look at this thread: p;start=0&S=5641b1250629f841c4887e9290f14797

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  3. Darcwander
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    Thanks for the reply. My main concern is clearly what makes the material toxic and if it is so toxic then what way if any can the material be coated with?
  4. Designmodeller1
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    Not sure what you mean by the material is toxic?

    Nylon by itself is usually not toxic, and the SLS process involves a nylon powder melted together with heat via the laser, there aren't really any extra chemicals added to the process. Shirts, toothbrushes, hair brushes, and many other things are made with Nylon. The only time I know that Nylon is toxic is when it burns.

    If you look at the material descriptions they all say "The models are not suitable as toys to be given to children" (even stainless steel)to cover if some kid chokes on a printed object so that Shapeways won't get sued. It is up to you what you do with your objects, and Shapeways cannot be held responsible if something goes wrong.

    I can't say that Nylon would be safe to eat, or give to kids, but if you are coating it to make it "safer" you may do more harm with the coatings than with the Nylon itself.

  5. virtox
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    WSF safety sheet : ng_flexible/msds_pa_2200.pdf

    I believe one of the concerns with WSF is the fact that the powder used is very fine and could cause irritation when inhaled.
    Some of my models still release some powder, even after lots of washing and scrubbing.

    So personally I would try to seal the surface before handing it to kids.
    Your local DIY-shop may have paint or coating suitable for kids-toys/kids-furniture ?

    I think most paints are safe if given the proper time to release all the solvents, but I read somewhere that this is a process of months.

  6. Darcwander
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    Thanks guys both are great comments however while both proving valid points they both contradict each other. I think what I want to do is use plastic dip giving it a rubberized surface this should take care of the previous coat and this is also harmless when dried.