Chibi-Devs: Transforming robots on Shapeways (Painted and Complete)

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    I really don't know what to say, this is the first time i've printed anything even half worthy of featuring. However, i was really inspired by the blog post on Transforming Robots on Shapeways, and after talking to Duann for a while, i wanted to see just how far i could take Shapeways', where its limits were. I thought i was stretching it, but i guess not. ;)

    The big white robot is Chibi-Devs. He is comprised of 6 smaller robots, based on the transformer Devastator ( ). All robots are fully functioning, transforming from robot to vehicle and back, as well as combining with each other to form Chibi-Devs.

    Arrival 6.jpg

    I'm getting more pics up as we speak, my camera is a pain.

    I hope you guys at Shapeways might consider featuring this!
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    Who spilled the awesome sauce again?

    Featured item +1

    Congrats on getting your model working!
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    Posting because the model is (finally) painted, and i uploaded more pics to the thread linked in the OP, in case anyone wants to feature this again or update the old blog post. :)

    Devs 2.jpg
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