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Discussion in '3D Jobs Board' started by basacwards, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. basacwards
    basacwards New Member
    I am a full time Mechanical Designer for Craig Manufacturing "" I specialize in heavy equipment attachments and have been working with solidworks for several years now. If anyone needs some design work at a cheap budget let me know and we can work something out.

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  2. basacwards
    basacwards New Member
    Need a model created? Want an idea made into 3D? I am a Mechanical Designer for a top leading company ( who has been working with solidworks for several years. I am offering very cheap prices for designs. Let me know what you need and we can work something out. Please PM me.

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  3. patleaver
    patleaver New Member
    I'm in need of a modeler for a small, simple part. Please let me know your rate and if we agree how to provide you with the specs.

  4. intercharms
    intercharms New Member
    hello, I need to scan the front of a pair of glasses and add the rest of the sides from a particular design that has some spring hinges attached to assemble the part, I would like an idea of first, if it can be done and then around how much can that cost until the file is ready to print, I would like some text printed on the inside of the temples as to the brand name of the prototype,
    Thank you
  5. basacwards
    basacwards New Member
    Hey there,
    I have quite a few projects on the go currently but I could definitely work something out with you. How soon we're you looking for the prototype? Please email me at Thank you
  6. flievano
    flievano New Member
    I am a metal faricator and need some castings
    fornthis reason I am in need of molds to fabricate my castings
    Fernando Lievano
  7. robbhoward
    robbhoward New Member

    I am looking for someone to help 3d model a Toy. I have a rudimentary prototype and a similar toy, but no drawings. I need a modeler who can help me take the concept to a functional 3D printed prototype. I live in Los Angeles. Please contact me if you are interested.

    Robb Howard
  8. efreethy
    efreethy New Member

    I am currently working on an experimental fundraising campaign, for Golden Gate Fundraising, that requires object files for a 12 item toy catalog. The items need not be graphically complex or heavy, just simple object files.

    If you do a good job we can contract you out to be the exclusive object file creator of our toy catalogues.

    Payment for this initial project is $350, payments for future projects is negotiable.

    I will include the file of the catalog, we can get the toys to you if need be.

    If interested please email me:, we can work something out over email.


    Evan Freethy
    Golden Gate Fundraising
  9. Smokeydog
    Smokeydog New Member
    Dear Sir:

    I have built myself a 3 axis CNC Router table mainly for the purpose of being able to produce wood airplane propellers (for decorative purposes only) of various sizes. My problem is that I am really struggling with producing the 3D image required to get this to the router table. I have the propeller which I want to start with. I would be able to supply you with the numbers for the prop or if needed I could supply you with a duplicate of the prop (made from a mold). The prop is 30" in diameter.
    Would you be interested in taking on this project and supplying me with a 3D .DXF file, and if so, how much would you charge?
  10. supertroy1000
    supertroy1000 New Member
    Hi there--I am I've basically re-worked the process...Just concentrating on the head (about fist sized). Needs a rotational movement, key movement...I posted for modelers needed (zombie toy). Also offering a percentage of the idea once it sells--but undertsand if not

    Hope to hear from you soon

  11. pshao
    pshao New Member
    This thread got real messy, haha. I am a very experience CAD designer (personalized jewelry to custom off-road vehicle components). Let me know what you need, my rate is $35/hr. Contact me at
  12. nb2zb
    nb2zb New Member

    I am Navjot S Brar. I am trying to build prototype for my product. I need to get specific type of 3D mobile cover design. Would you be able to provide your service for it? This mobile cover is one part of my project. I have an idea and i want to make a creative 3D design of it.

    Thank you
    Navjot S Brar
  13. pshao
    pshao New Member
    We definitely have experience designing mobile covers, specifically for 3D printing as well. We would love to see how we can help you, so if you can share some more details of what exactly you want to accomplish, I am more than happy to take a look and get the ball rolling!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


    Peter Shao | CEO
    Free Dimensional Design
  14. Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in doing some design work. I mainly looking to do some 1/64 farm toy parts. I was just curious what you would charge.
  15. pshao
    pshao New Member

    I usually charge around $30-40 an hour depending on the project. For a scaled, small farm toy I would estimate around 2-3 hours, which includes the validation for 3D printability. Shoot me an email at when you're ready to proceed. Looking forward to hearing from you!