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    Hi Everyone,
    We have just completed a range of 12 Character Models for 3D Printing for a fellow Shapeways member and am now available for more. Please check out our work on the following Flikr links:


    INNER | LEAF: Characters - Alitia

    INNER | LEAF: Characters - Ravage

    INNER | LEAF: Characters - Melissa

    INNER | LEAF: Characters - Erika

    INNER | LEAF: Characters - Bex


    INNER | LEAF: Vehicle - Lamborghini Aventador

    INNER | LEAF: Sci-Fi - Batman Tumbler Car


    INNER | LEAF: Fashion - Janina Alleyne Collection


    INNER | LEAF: Sci-Fi - Stargate Ha'Tak

    INNER | LEAF: Sci-Fi - BSG Theseus

    INNER | LEAF: Sci-Fi - Klingon Bird of Prey

    INNER | LEAF: Sci-Fi - Odyssey


    INNER | LEAF: Animals - Woodsprite

    INNER | LEAF: Animals - Nautilus

    ------------------------------------------------------------ --------

    Hope you like them. We like to consider all projects so please get in touch via Private Message [PM] or by email

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you all soon.

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  2. jacobee
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    Hi Adam,

    I'm just starting out with 3d modeling and I'm considering making a simple (in my opinion) project. I'm an illustrator and this would be for a homegoods type thing. The idea is to create little ceramic animals that would sit atop ceramic mugs. I have a couple images here: am am/

    I'm interested in knowing how much you would charge to model the animal-it would end up being about 2 inches tall. I would also like to know how much you would charge to model a custom cup, round, about 4 inches tall.

    Many Thanks,
    Sarah Jacoby