Character sculpts, jewellery and clean up jobs. Fixed prices.

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  1. justinhowlett
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    I have 3d printed jewellery and figurines and I even clean up models to prepare them for 3D printing. Please take a look at the images bellow to see what I have made fro 3d printing.

    You can also see other examples of my work on my websites:

    Please get in touch if you have any uestions or to get a quote.

    I quote reasonable fixed rates to keep things simple and so you know the exact cost of my service up front. I accept all kinds of projects, small and large.

    Thanks for taking a look:)

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    Justin Howlett

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  2. Dotsan
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  3. jacobee
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    Hi Justin,

    I'm just starting out with 3d modeling and I'm considering making a simple (in my opinion) project. I'm an illustrator and this would be for a homegoods type thing. The idea is to create little ceramic animals that would sit atop ceramic mugs. I have a couple images here: am am/

    I'm interested in knowing how much you would charge to model the animal-it would end up being about 2 inches tall. I would also like to know how much you would charge to model a custom cup, round, about 4 inches tall. This might end up being a series with different animals and potentially grant funded, I'm just working up the balance sheet now.

    Many Thanks,
    Sarah Jacoby
  4. ccfrazier
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    Hi, I am interested in your 3D modeling service.

    Can you tell me the best way to go over the idea I want to model with you? Should I send images with details?

    Can you do some basic graphic work to get the design ready to be turned into a 3-D design?

    I want to create a lace like pattern that is very flat, similar to some of the 3-D jewelry I have seen.

    Tell me the best way to go over the project with you and how you bid/ charge for the work you do.

    Thanks, C Frazier~
  5. Adamsaad97
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    The Model Boy is by far the best 3D modeler that I have encountered.

    We hired him to create a complex 3D image for our device in order to have a prototype created and he knocked it out of the park.

    He was very attentive to our needs and responded to all concerns in a timely manner.

    Totally professional and I highly recommend him and his work.

    If you considering a 3D modeler look no further because he is your guy.

    Thanks for all your hard work on our project Model Boy and I will undoubtedly use your services when a new project arises.

    Thanks again,

    NNK, LLC.
  6. Smugsly1
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    May I call or email you regarding a design project?

    I'm seeking a designer who can work on site in Manhattan for the first project, them remote for other projects.

    Projects include:

    - novel water bottle concept

    - cobra belt buckle

    - glasses

    - skull mask

    Please reply to


  7. ionamon
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    I can`t thank Justin enough!
    Justin was the third person I contacted about my personal project but, the only one who took it seriously. His communication was very prompt and professional. He totally made my dream a reality and his rates are more than reasonable. In the future I will refer my friends to him and if I need any further work I know who to ask.
  8. batbrick
    batbrick New Member
    Your work is stellar! Are you experienced in Autodesk inventor? Or anything where you make solids and not meshes? Like Solidsworks? Also, are you any good with converting meshes to solids?

    I have many models that need converting and possibly someone to create things for me. They are rather small objects though.

    You can email me at
  9. DrBeakerMD
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    I was looking at 3D modelling and printing for a
    Special present for my girlfriend, and with no idea about any of it
    I emailed Themodelboy for some help.

    He was extremely accommodating, making sure I knew what was going on, what was involved
    And why he made certain decisions etc. I felt completely safe with it in his hands
    And when the first draft came in I was ecstatic.
    He worked fast, reliably and efficiently. Even promising not to put the project up on his website until her birthday
    Comes around!

    I would, and will, recommend Themodelboy to any and all who are thinking
    About 3D printing or modelling. I couldn't be happier.
  10. jakeh
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    Hi great stuff, could I get a quote for a 1/24th scale model car. I need working doors and working steering if possible? I can send images if you PM me.


  11. Sasachaz
    Sasachaz New Member
    I hired Justin for work on my board game "Xia: Legends of a Drift System".

    He's been incredible! I highly recommend him!

    Justin was able to help me revise some models I previously had, adding flight stand holes to miniature starships. He also helped me design a custom flight stand for the miniature starships. The results were perfect!


    He also designed a 30 x 30 x 2mm custom coin for the game. This coin had very specific mechanics as well as asthectis. He was able to figure out how to get the coins to stack like poker chips, as well as making the coins very beautiful:


    Everyone has been very impressed with his work.

    I found Justin refreshing to work with. He provided reasonable flat-rate costs, was very responsive, and handled feedback professionally.

    I will definitely be using his services in the future!

    Cheers, -Cody
  12. makingmovements
    makingmovements New Member
    I hired Justin to make several 1/6 scale objects for a project I'm working on. He went above and beyond my expectations and has produced some brilliant 3d models for me. I would highly recommend him for his professional attitude and amazing attention to detail. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  13. xliu019
    xliu019 New Member
    Hi, dear designer,
    We urgently need you to help us look at our current designs, and help us break them into smaller pieces for printing and assemble. Rate negotiable. Best if we can finish today. Please reply asap. My email is l'm in Singapore, my number is 0065-85884686. Thanks

    best wishes
  14. TNTom
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    Justin is a class act. He will help you with your designs, make suggestions on how to make the process more streamlined, and is quite a bargain considering his talents. I hired Justin for several pieces and I am more than satisfied with his work, his help, his talent, and the end product.

    I highly recommend giving Justin a try. you won't be disappointed.

    Thomas Hicks
  15. justinhowlett
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    Post from morey:

    I contacted Justin about a complex range of 3D Models in 1:35 Scale.
    (Project is still running and hopefully will be for a long time.)

    He got back to me very quickly and we got the idea up and running very fast.

    Excellent turn around and totally professional in all of my needs. and he is more than willing to go that extra mile!!!
    I highly recommend him and his work,

    Project is still running and hopefully will be for a long time.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work!!

  16. makingmovements
    makingmovements New Member
    Justin just finished a job for me creating an exact replica of a real world 1/6 scale action figure's body. He did an excellent job and worked hard getting the smallest details perfect! You can check out the model here - it was made in separate parts so I could then rig it in cinema 4d.

    I will definitely continue to use Justin on future jobs as he always delivers awesome results!


  17. justinhowlett
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    Check out this bead I recently made for Natasha.


    The bead is being printed now so photos of the print will follow shortly.
  18. evilzombietoast
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    I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Justin's work.

    Justin was incredibly helpful and dose absolutely marvilous work.

    He's so fast, from sending the files and doing a single edit (which was my fault) I had files in hand in just a few short days. For being on the other side of the planet I am beyond impressed on the speed of returned emails and the professional but still personable communication.

    And all for an incredibly reasonable price.


    It's 38 mm from point to tip. I'm so absolutely blown away with how awesome this turned out!

    When I'm in need of more modelling to be done I will defiantly contact Justin again.


  19. justinhowlett
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  20. WhiteBotany
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    I would like to design a small gnome (2 inches tall). I have a picture of a ceramic version of it, but I need to add 2 little cute eyes on top.
    The roses instead of a beard have to be very detailed so its noticeable when printed small in plastic.
    Would this be something you can do? If so can you provide a quote?
    I need one of these 3 formats: OBJ, STP, STL.
    I have attached an image.
    Thank you!


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