Changing/correcting your store name.

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    When I opened my store I messed up and entered the full address path instead of just a store name. As a result my store name is this: ps/nibblesandbits

    That's completely unusable in terms of giving out links, etc. I asked customer service if the duplicated path information could be removed but was told that's not possible. Also I understood that if I close the store that I would be unable to reopen a new store with a new name while retaining my user name and original account with all the existing model file pages.

    Sooooooo, I think my only option is to close my store, open a new account, download models from the old account and re-upload them to the new account, retype in all the descriptions, reload all the photos, reset all the material options, and reset all of the pricing. Before I do all this I might set up a fake account to see what actually happens just in case customer service was wrong. Has anyone else had this same problem and fixed it?

    I can't even make any suggestions since I'm not sure how your software is set up. Am I screwed or is there any way Shapeways could do something to fix this particular problem? Browsing through store names I noticed that I'm not the only person that accidentally did this.

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    Thank you! In this case it pays to ask one last time. This is most excellent!