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  1. ganter
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    Dear All,

    I'm a long time RP/RM user and researcher. Over the past several
    years we've spent some time working on 3D printing of ceramics.
    It been interesting...

    Check out our University press release:


    OR Ceramics Monthly Article:

    http://www.ceramicartsdaily.org/magazines/Ceramics%20Monthly /2009febprintedpotfeature.aspx

    You will notice that I have included the formulas for
    powder and binder.


    Mark Ganter/Univ. of Washington/Dept. of Mechanical Engr./
    Box 352600/Seattle, WA 98195-2600/Ph 206-543-5090/
  2. Whystler
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    This is wonderful! I started with, and still do ceramic art. I am very interested in where clay and digital processes collide synergetically. My ceramic gnomes were made with press molds created here with Shapeways.

    Did you use a z-corp printer for this? Could you provide a link to the printer model/models that you think are most useful for this process?

  3. ganter
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    We've run these materials on both 400 class Z machines and 300 class machines. There is an issue with our binder on the 300 class machines (as it is a little too thin). For now, you'll need to
    use the standard company binder on the 300 class machines. T The powders work great.
  4. magicmodel
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    Have you ever heard of Bluestone (3D Systems) or Nanotool (DSM Somos) ?

    These are stereolithography resins which have a ceramic filler in them.

    The result is a very stiff, but sometimes brittle part (depending on wall thickness).

    Also with very good heat resistance properties (up to 250 degrees C I believe)

    Very good for aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing.