Ceramic Printing (Multi-Color)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Willie4, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Willie4
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    I know Shapeways can only print in 1 ceramic color but how can I achieve colored accents on my project? I thought they could paint my signature on my project prior to one of the baking stages but I am being told no by the customer service reps. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. stop4stuff
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    Not possible - the base model is sprayed with glaze.#

    And if Shapeways Customer Services say no, then generally that is the end of the matter as they are the people in contact with the production team. Even though very occasionally the 'no' can be turned around to a 'yes', on this occasion, it is a definate no as there are no provisions for any custom artwork over the base glazed model.

  3. aeron203
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    Glazes tend to flow a bit in firing, so fine detail would be hard, even if they were willing to try. Decals are often used for applied detail in ceramics. They are fired to burn off the decal paper. Obviously the pigments are glaze pigments that survive the high temperatures (and need them to look right). Normally the pattern is screened onto the decal substrate which is not a simple process, but some laser printers use a high-carbon toner that will work ok. It would be awesome if Shapeways supplier adopted decals, but the screen printing and placement would be a labor-intensive, high-skill job that would cost a fortune. If you want to go DIY, you could either half-ass it with non-fire decals, which would be ok for a logo on the bottom, or you could go the whole hog, buying some decal paper and either hand-painting the glaze or making decals. If you don't have a kiln, a microwave kiln might work. I haven't used these before. The tiny, $99 version would be good for small jobs - "Firing chamber is 2-3/4" in diameter by 1- 3/4" high. (Exterior dimensions are approximately 4.5" diameter by 3.375" high)."

  4. stop4stuff
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    ooo... Microwave Kiln :eek:
    And... more oooos... can be used with silver art clay.

    Me asks myself, would the old school 'microwave roasting trays' work in a similar fashion or could I just tweak the magnetron frequency a bit to heat ordinay ceramics. 25 years ago when microwave ovens were the price of an old second hand car, I used to repair the wee beasties. Off frequency magnetrons heated ceramics without directly heating the food! I also got Philips Cubes banging out 1100 Watts measured microwave energy using Brother capacitors - the machines lasted about 3 months in a commercial environment, all they needed was a slightly bigger transformer. Allof this was realised within my capacity as workshop manager and tinkering with parts of dead machines - I seriously do not advise anyone to open the case of a microwave oven, the capacitors can retain enough energy to kill weeks after the machine has been unplugged - and never, ever run a microwave oven with the outercase off, the spark gerneated from a faulty microwave oven can jump an inch and it will kill you (I am very lucky that one of the road engineers, Chris, was in the workshop at the time and bought me back!)

    Hey ho, the good ol' days..

    Seriously though, this is an avenue that I shall be persuing, thanks for the info Aaron :)