Ceramic Print - Weak Geometry on Pokemon's Tail

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  1. andre_caraco
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    Hey everyone, hope you guys could maybe help me out with a weak geometry issue.
    I'm making a Charmander ceramic sculpture, and his tail is getting a weak geometry problem:

    Description: 20 mm maximum span, cantilever, or strut length. Features longer than this length will warp, crack, or fail in printing or firing. The taitl on this piece will be a problem in printing and firing.

    So I figured I can either:
    A) Drop the tail to the ground pretty quick instead of having it gradually reaching the ground
    B) Attach some part of the tail near the flame to the leg, so that they are physically connected
    C) Have the tail bend down, touch the ground and come up slightly in a "u" shape

    Do you think any of these would solve this issue? And what other ways do you think you would resolve it?
    The printed unit is roughly 135mm tall.

    Thanks! Attached are images.

  2. denali3ddesign
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    Your suggestion "B) Attach some part of the tail near the flame to the leg, so that they are physically connected", is what I'd do.

    Your other two options wouldn't work because the tail would not be strong enough when someone picks up the model, as they have to do when post processing your model.

    Another option would be to add a base to the model, then make sure the tail touches the base. Downside here is increasing the cost of the model, but that way the tail could stay as is, without touching the leg.
  3. andre_caraco
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    Great! Thanks for the tip, I went ahead and attached the tail to the feet at the ankles.
    Adding a new base would be too different from the other characters in the series.


    I had a question though, this model has been in the manual check process for about two weeks.
    I haven't had something be in that stage for quite that long before.
    Granted this is a more complex model than I have submitted before, but is this still around an appropriate amount of time for a check?

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