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    I see that ceramic objects are priced by surface area rather than volume. Does that include the bottom? For example, if you were to print a flattened cube, would the surface area be the total area of all 6 faces, or just the top and sides?

    e.g. Rectangular prism, 10cm x 10cm x 1cm
    Total surface area = 100 (top) + 100 (bottom) + 4x10(sides) = 240 cm2 = $43.20?
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    I would have to say yes, as the software isn't capable of determining which face would be the unglazed face.
  3. SB3D
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    Its included in the price yes, although the bottom probably wont be glazed.

    "For some designs with clear bottoms, the bottom side may remain unglazed. This is because we need to stand up the designs when putting the glazed piece in the oven."


    This is what I do understand, but can someone explain me why the price is in cm2 instead of cm3 for this material only?

    I did a test with a 10X10X10cm cube and a 10x30X0.5cm

    10X10X10cm = 600cm2 and a1000cm3! = €80.05 = €95.26
    10x30X0.5cm = 640cm2 and a 150cm3 = €84.31= €100.33

    So it cant be the material. Much labor costs? Expensive Glazing?