Center of gravity?

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by Dragoman, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member

    I have to check whether a complex shape will balance properly.

    Can somebody advice how to find the center of gravity of an object (before actually printing it)?

    I use Blender and can handle Netfabb.

  2. bvr
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    Not sure if that is a feature of Blender. The cad software I use has a checkbox for it, and it sure is handy for pendants and things that hang. Do you have any cad software available?
  3. Fredd
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    Actually I think Meshlab can detect it. Import your model, click Filter/Quality Measures and Computations/Compute Geometric Measures. Then click show layer dialog icon. Looks like a sheaf of papers(It is under the Window in the top header) Center of mass looks like what you are looking for. Plus gives bounding box dimensions, surface area and volume. Lots of goodies, besides it being free.:)
  4. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member

    I installed Meshlab and I got it to work. On some test cases, the CG seem to be where I expect it to be. :p

  5. bartv
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    That's a great trick Fredd, thanks!

  6. stop4stuff
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    A most excellent top tip [​IMG]

    Thanks :)


  7. bartv
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  8. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    I am just curious for how long people have been looking for that info?
    Oh well, I am glad it could be of some help, and thanks.

  9. Plumguy
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    While using Blender, would the best format for MeshLab to import be STL?
  10. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    It doesn't really matter. Beware though if you are going to use it, and are going to let SW boolean join some meshes together when your model gets uploaded, there will be a discrepancy.
    Bigg news though!!! Blender 2.65a release has an option to move the origin to the center of mass, which is the same thing. Do this in object mode from the tool panel.:)
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  11. roofoo
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    Sweet, thanks for that tip!
  12. Tigermoth
    Tigermoth New Member
    Great advice Fredd!
    This should be an important feature in all 3d apps imo.

    For the Rhino users, select object > Analyze/ Mass properties/ Volume Centroid.

    I've been working on some balancing acts myself...dunno how well this actually works, but will know more when my next shipment arrives! ;)
  13. ackmiecik
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  14. ackmiecik
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    I know it is more of a Meshlab question but, folks will be here looking for the answer too:

    What to do if, when you import your DAE into Meshlab is comes up as not watertight.
  15. 0x00019913
    0x00019913 Active Member
    Psst. Meshy does this too. :D

    "Mesh Display" -> "toggleCOM"