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  1. This is for my sister, who graduated from high school this year. (Yeah, I use any excuse I can to make things for people :D) She likes horses. I like fantastic (i.e. unrealistic) things. These two likes combined into Jenlai, the Herald of Spring. I plan to fill her basket with little seeds and stuff (tbd). Also, I gotta get cracking, since I need this to be painted in 2 weeks!

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    Wow, your work continues to amaze
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    Very good. Don't forget to show the painted pic's.
  4. Your wish is my command!

    I think this is pretty good considering I did it in 2 weeks. Most of the time, I seem to take longer than that, although in those instances, I often take more breaks in my free time. I tried to do some highlighting to simulate light from the front. Of course, this backfires a bit when you rotate your model (rather than the lights/platform) when you capture photographs... I just need to paint on the sealant and do some touch-ups which I noticed while cropping the images and color-correcting (apparently, my desk lights are rather blue - it was pretty noticeable this time).

    The snow finally started looking (sort of) like the white cold stuff after I added some pearlescent paint. The camera doesn't capture this or the metallic paint as well as I'd like.

    Ok. My list of caveats is complete. Here are the pictures! I can't wait to give this to my sister...


    Boom! File limit achieved.
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    Really good job. I'm sure she'll be thrilled and will treasure it.
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    Holy shmoly! That's awesome! Now you should make the rest of the seasons...