Celtic Knotwork Anybody?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by ldemrys, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. ldemrys
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    So. Like a great many people today, I've fallen in love with Celtic Knotwork.

    I was first introduce to it around 1990 and learned how to draw it by hand. Skip forward a few years and suddenly it's everywhere. I stumbled across a software application that draws wonderful knots and have used them in various ways. Skip forward a couple more years to my introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and I thought Hmm....Maybe I can find a use for this.
    After much trial and error I have developed a method of importing Celtic Knotwork into Solidworks and the results ( IMHO )
    came out pretty good. Good enough in fact that I've decided to share some of them here.

    I am offering up some CAD files (.dxf format) totally for free....Yes. I said FREE! I only ask that should you use one (or more) to let me know and maybe a tip of the hat to let people know where you got the design.

    The files contain ONLY straight lines and regular arcs. No splines or tiny little line segments.
    So if you'd like to play with them, feel free to right click and download...

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  2. ldemrys
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    And a few more...

    Let me know what you think....

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  3. shawn_halayka
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    Excellent draughtsmanship!!!
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  4. ldemrys
    ldemrys Well-Known Member
    Thank you kindly!
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  5. kaadesign
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    I like your celtic knots,- extruded the contours:


    STL file attached...

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  6. ldemrys
    ldemrys Well-Known Member
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  7. designsoul
    designsoul Well-Known Member
    Great work! The best celtic knots in 3D I have seen so far.
  8. ldemrys
    ldemrys Well-Known Member
    Thank you....I've spent quite some time creating these. And as I said before. Feel free to use them in anyway you see fit....Just let me see what you create with them...