Cease and Desist, Copyrights - What do you want to know? (updated!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by baltimore, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. baltimore
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    Paramount Pictures's lawyers sent me a cease and desist letter on Friday for a model I uploaded on Thursday night, and told me to take it down. It was a replica white funky cube shaped object from their new movie. I complied. I don't want to sit in a courtroom for the rest of the year. This is an interesting topic for discussion.

    This is the rendering Shapeways produced from the .stl file I uploaded of the CAD model I created which looks similar to the prop used in Paramount's film. I am no longer offering these for sale, and am complying with Paramount's demands.

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  2. Jettuh
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    well they are watching this website very well!
    uploading a file and getting a cease and desist letter the next day!
  3. dizingof
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    very interesting topic

    How did you come by this design? is it a work in progress as a new movie? or is the movie out already?

    Strange... i have a similar model i uploaded on April 15th this year
    (actually its from last year - i re opened my shop on April)


    I wonder if i should send them a cease and desist ? :cool:

  4. baltimore
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    Their film came out Friday in the states, and their trailer was released several months ago.
  5. dizingof
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    title? link?

    very interesting.

    lot's of props are on shapeways...
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    @Todd wow. Well, it's interesting to say the least.

    Guys, please be sure to keep me and the rest of the SW team up to date on these sorts of things.

  7. Jettuh
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  8. baltimore
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    Totally will.

    Duann and I skyped about it on Friday
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  9. ana_xyz
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    @Todd Yep, and Duann filled me in. I was just moreso reiterating it for everyone in the communty. ;)

    @Jettuh Guess so. Well done.

  10. Youknowwho4eva
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    I never even noticed that in the preview. Is it just me or is it different? The glimpse I saw of it, I thought it didn't have the corner cubes.
  11. baltimore
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    some do some don't. I think the hero prop has them broken off.

  12. lensman
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    That sure was quick. :eek:

    I was going to see the movie anyway, so I'll have to look out for this... whatever it is.

  13. baltimore
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  14. bitstoatoms
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    OK, that is a great video, thanks for showing us exactly how you got it to vibrate :)
  15. baltimore
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    Impressive speed! This is an interesting subject as shapeways has obviously caught the attention of big franchise. I wonder though how much the opposite is happening? I am unaware if this has been posted on the forum before but Urban Outfitters ripped of an indie designer (not shapeways related) and started selling the design as their own. This designer obviously could not afford to take legal action so instead they blogged about it and the support from the web was so strong that Urban Outfitters stopped selling the design. I feel that copyright and design protection is a little bit of a gray area perhaps, or not fully matured yet regarding digital file 3D printing? I was happy to read about this little win for an indie designer. Read more here. http://www.ashevillefashions.com/2011/05/boycott-urban-outfi tters-for-ripping-off-indie-designers.html
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  17. jeff
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    i also saw this article covering the Urban outfitters -etsy ripoff, and it just goes to prove that there are very few original ideas. it's a tricky debate of who owns what.

    Personally in this case of todd's vibrating cube, I'd want him to post it unless paramount is selling or planning on selling something similar themselves. If it's not available anywhere else the community should have a right to make something available. (i feel similarly about media pirating, if I can get it easily/legally then I'll go for that, if not but it's available by other means then...) But on top of that, I don't think the community has the right to profit off of someone else's proprietary design, it should just be made available for free. that's all just my opinion on an interesting topic.

  18. baltimore
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    QMx Quantum Mechanix Inc has a license from Paramount to produce the super 8 replicas and they'll be doing that this summer
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