Cat Bracelet Charms Ready For Halloween

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  1. EvieL
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    Hi fellow shapies!

    I am excited about these prints! They are my first prints created using only Blender. I am still a newbie in 3d modeling so I admit I was a bit ambitious when I decided to do cat faces. But they were fun to create and definitely help with my Blender training. I intended these to be cute charms for friendship or wish bracelets for cat ladies and perfect gifts for the upcoming Halloween. I try stringing them up in both leather and nylon strings, but I think I like the leather look the most; sort of a minimalist and not too cartoony feel.

    I do have a hard time photographing them even with my new macro lens, I may just not have enough practice using it but is there any tips in the community for photographing something small and reflective?

    CatCharmSmile-SW.png CatCharmCurious-SW.png CatCharm-SW.png

    Thanks for reading and hope you like them :)
  2. Peter3D
    Peter3D Well-Known Member
    The second cat photo looks a little depressed :) or is it the light?
  3. Shea_Design
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    Super cute and polymesh modeled, way to go!

    You don't want to know how fast that could happen in ZBrush ;) - Regarding your photography just think of a micro studio, business card size reflectors can be propped into place while looking through the viewfinder or live view. For my best shoots I break out two 24" softboxes and position close and low also evaluating their effect, perhaps repositioning the piece(s) now that tripods and light stands are crowded around my mini stage. With the scale of your kitty the fast apertures are working nicely, good DOF on the less interesting and not included cordage. Be sure to stop down to f/11 - 16 for more illustrative looks while all that setup is in place.

    Funny I have what I call a cat-box for small part photography, white plastic shell with a few ports, but now rely on the approach described above as reaching into the cave gets old.

  4. EvieL
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    @Peter3D Thanks! Yeah, it does look a little sad right? But it is suppose to be curious with the left ear slightly bend outwards and a little smirk, but i can't get the light right. Maybe I should have called it sad cat instead...

    @Shea_Design Thanks so much for your advise!! I'll definitely take into account for my next shoot, I got a mini soft box now too, so hopefully with practice, i'll improve. Tell me how fast it can be in Zbrush, I love learning abt softwares! I have Sculptrix to just play around with but was really impressed! Blender was free so...

  5. Nickola
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  6. SnoozeAlongSnail
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    Cute design! :D
    I still find it difficult to get good photos of small designs as well.