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    I am looking for a 3D designer to help in the drawing and prototyping of two light-weight but sturdy cases for an inertial stabilizer for model airplanes. The two cases would be needed to fit two variants of the same board. One variant of the board would have 3 potentiometers on it for adjustment while the other would not, allowing the case to be much thinner in places. The job would involve designing the cases for injection-mold fabrication, but hopefully iterating through 3D printing.

    To preface this, we have had some experience with case manufacturing before. Internally, we don't have any mechanical engineers by trade but we do have a little 3D printing and manufacturing experience between us. Feedback on all design points in terms of look, feel and manufacturability are very welcome!

    Our hope is to make a snap-top case that will encapsulate our PCB without requiring screws, but still hold the PCB very firmly to help mitigate vibration. In light of this, the PCB should also be easy to snap into the case for assembly. The snap top should be simple to secure as well, but should require a screwdriver or similar to remove. Please see the attached drawing for concept details.

    Finally, due to the vibration and orientation sensitive nature of the product, I would ask that in addition to being held down by snaps, the PCB should have a mold of its underside worked into the case to accommodate its bottom components and keep it perfectly level relative to the bottom of the case.

    I've done my best to illustrate the design in the attached images. If you end up working on this project, I'll send you a dimensions-correct replica for all sizing needs and of course will be happy to fill in any missing details.

    Thanks so much for your time!
    John Thomson

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    We would be interested in your project. Would you be able to provide a sample board so we can get all of the dimensions and test the fit?

    Please contact me at

    Thanks Bill
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    I just sent you a PM with pictures.....