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Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by Cradders, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Cradders
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    Hi all,

    I've decided on a change of pace from the usual (robots and the like) and have started to teach myself more organic modelling. I've come up with a cartoon character that I've managed to convert into a nice, valid STL, but I think something is missing. Not necessarily detail (as it's a cartoon character), but something. Before anyone says I know he has no pupils - that's intentional, it goes with the face cover and headband in masking his identity (like, say, Batman). Any thoughtful critique appreciated - you can see the 3D model at my store for a better look: ml?gid=sg29760

  2. steeveesas
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    I think that looks really cool. I'd like to see some pics after it prints. Will the clothing like the headband and the flowing shirt print or are they too thin?
  3. Ray716
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    Wow, great figure.


    Who is he? From your render, we are starting to see some of his story, some of his past, but he still seems a bit... flat.. a bit bland.. their are a few ways to fix this.. My best suggestion, is figure out who he is, maybe by writing his origins story, and maybe an adventure or two after that... How did he become so tattered? Is he the last member of his clan? is he on a quest of Vengeance? or is he protecting someone or something? Or is he more like a Vigilante super hero? If he is a super hero, maybe he needs a symbol or some other defining feature that will put fear into his enemies and give hope to his allies... I have found in the past that when you know who/what it is you are trying to capture the art makes it's self. Go out young grass-hopper and find your inner Ninja :D

    Hope that helps some. Again, the model looks FANTASTIC! Much better than i can do at present!

  4. ana_xyz
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    @Ray716 Nice creative direction! hehe

    @Cradders This is definitely a wonderful design. As long as we're looking at some of the story elements, one thing that I notice is his face (while covered) looks rather childlike. Was this deliberate?